The waiting is over for Shrewsbury!!

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SL41052 300x199 The waiting is over for Shrewsbury!! Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Margie Bradley watches over her class as they open their lockers for the very first time

SHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – There are momentous events in our society that are kicked off with fireworks and pomp, and then there are those that, by design, go off with such flawless precision, that it could almost go unnoticed if you weren’t watching.  After years of planning, today was the day that the brand new Sherwood Middle School finally opened to a crop of eager students, mesmerized by the fact that this was to be their new home.

SL41057 300x199 The waiting is over for Shrewsbury!! Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Students head into their very first class!

With incredible work over the last few days by Principal Jane Lizotte and her team, the opening was easily the most perfect event I’ve seen, reflecting true pride on all of the teachers and staff that had planned for this day for a long time.  Just after 8AM this morning, over 900 students who had reported this morning to their homerooms in the old building formed a seemingly endless procession, as they carried their belongings to the new building, with nothing but smiles on their faces, despite the coldest day of the year.

SL41062 300x200 The waiting is over for Shrewsbury!! Shrewsbury MassachusettsBy 8:30 this morning, this magnificent new building saw it’s first visitor, it’s first late student, it’s first nurses visit, and soon will be serving Papa Gino’s Pizza as it’s very first lunch.  To think that 60 years from now, the grandchildren of these students will be walking through these same halls, helps put into some perspective the long life of these treasured buildings.

Yes, the technology is there, and it’s all great, but there is something about the smile of the face of a child that just can’t be quantified.  If you haven’t had the chance to tour the building yet, have no fear, because the formal dedication will be held this spring.  My favorite part is the common areas that form the core of each of the classroom pods, where multiple classes can get together to collaborate and just have a little elbow room to hang out and socialize.  Of course, the cafeteria looks like a gourmet eatery, and the gym is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.

SL409541 300x199 The waiting is over for Shrewsbury!! Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Imagine your 5th grade basketball games played in this gym!

Congrats yet again to the building committee and contractors who made this all happen, ahead of schedule, and under budget, and most of all to the wonderful people of Shrewsbury that came out to vote for this all important project.  This will really be a showplace for our community for decades to come.

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