Nemo makes it’s mark on Shrewsbury after all…

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stopandshop Nemo makes its mark on Shrewsbury after all... Shrewsbury MassachusettsSHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – It seemed like we really dodged a bullet here, with not a single report of a power outage in all of Shrewsbury – even at the height of the storm.   Many throughout the state are still without power, so we obviously were very, very fortunate.  Still, Nemo has clearly been felt by many people here in town, and to some local businesses it really was the perfect storm.  At the Shrewsbury Stop and Shop, for example, many of the shelves are bare, because one of their main distribution centers lost power, ruining fresh meats and produce, and requiring that all be re-ordered from scratch.  This bring to mind a very common theme about the “just in time” society we live in, citing the fact that grocery stores have only 48 hours worth of food in stock at any given time – even without the big “run on food” that often comes just before a big storm.  I know my family witnessed this first hand during Hurricane Sandy, down in NJ, where they went over a week without groceries, and close to two weeks without any fresh meats or produce.  This is why I’m always going on and on about how it’s so important to be prepared for emergencies.

In addition to Stop and Shop, the Shrewsbury Health and Racquet Club was forced to close for the day to allow them time to clean up the tons of snow at the facility, and make sure it was safe for their members, and other local businesses from coffee shops to retail stores lost quite a bit of business as the weather kept everyone inside.

Still, as many on the south shore will attest, we could have had it far, far worse. Our schools are one of the few districts in the area that will be open tomorrow, which is a credit to the incredible work of the highway department.  Some people, myself included, question whether opening tomorrow is really a great idea, as the roads are really still pretty narrow for the buses, and parking at SHS is going to be tight with all the snow, but I guess we’ll hope for the best. Perhaps folks can just take a little extra time tomorrow, and make sure to look all around those tall snow banks before pulling out.  I know we have a pretty dangerous spot at the corner of Melody and Route 140, where it’s just impossible to see oncoming cars.  i’m going to reach out to the highway department now and see if I can get them out before the morning.  All in all though, just be safe guys.





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