Heroic Shrewsbury Firefighters are on Thin Ice

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SL1 0333 1024x680 300x199 Heroic Shrewsbury Firefighters are on Thin Ice Shrewsbury MassachusettsSHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – Last year I had the pleasure of heading over to Jordan Pond with some members of the Shrewsbury Fire Department, who were training both with and without the department hovercraft, for rescuing people who had fallen through the ice. It was very cool to watch, as shown in the photo at left, but I wondered just how often that would come in handy. It turns out that today was that day, as the Fire department received a call from the Police Dept. stating that a caller at dean park was reporting 2 dogs that fell through the ice.

They responded to find that one dog had been rescued by a group of concerned citizens. The other dog was still in the icy water approximately 30’ off shore. Firefighters then donned ice rescue suits and advanced on the thin ice to the dog and lifted it to the stable ice. The firefighter then helped the dog to the shore where the animal control officer was waiting with a blanket. Both dogs were transported to tufts university veterinary hospital by animal control officer Leona Pease for evaluation. Both dogs appeared weak from exposure but appeared to be otherwise unharmed.

It just goes to show that heroes are heroes. It’s one thing to put your life on the line to rescue a person from the ice, but it’s pretty damned impressive to think people would do that to save a doggie. I’m just glad they did…and send along a huge congrats on the job well done.

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