One of Shrewsbury’s more unusual sites…

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Deer @ Winslow Main Blvd. 1024x819 One of Shrewsburys more unusual sites... Shrewsbury Massachusetts

SHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – Thought you might find this interesting Steve..  As I pulled out of Garfield Ave. for work this morning, I turned onto Winslow Street and this (attached) is what was in front of me.  Funny thing is that the corner of Winslow and Main Blvd. is also my boys bus stop.  I saw the visitors at about 6:40am this morning so it was a little early for the kids to be at that stop (though Ryan was just about to leave when I called him to share my news).

P.S. I cannot confirm a sleigh at the end of this line of deer though I can confirm that there were at least 15 of them.

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