TV Review: Playing House

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Lennon Parham Jessica St Clair Inline 2 467 350x300 TV Review: Playing House Shrewsbury MassachusettsShrewsbury, Massachusetts- Two years ago, comediennes and writing partners Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham premiered their freshman sitcom, Best Friends Forever. The show was on for six glorious episodes before NBC cancelled it before it had a chance to really blossom. However, the folks at USA have recognized the talent of this pair and given them another chance at sitcom happiness with Playing House.


Emma and Maggie are friends that have stuck together since their childhood. However Emma has moved away from Maggie to pursue a successful corporate career. That all changes when Emma returns home to celebrate Maggie’s baby shower and unforeseen events cause Emma to stay home and support her best friend no matter what.

Playing House is a delightful little sitcom. Parham and St. Clair have a charming dynamic and watching them interact is infectious. The only fault is that within the first couple of episodes, the premise isn’t as strong as it could be. Best Friends Forever had a solid set of episodes with a fairly basic premise. With this one, it doesn’t quite seem to know where it’s going to go at the moment.

That doesn’t stop the show from having a talented set of comedic talents. Keegan Michael-Key is funny as Mark, Emma’s first ex and now police officer in the town. Zach Woods is hilarious (just as he is in Silicon Valley) as the offbeat Zach Harper and of course Parham and St. Clair are excellent. They have a very natural rapport with each other and they command the screen.

Playing House is a good sitcom that is not as great as the talent behind it. St. Clair and Parham are terrific comedy writers, but it doesn’t seem like this premise has a whole lot to go on in the future. That being said, it could find direction within the next few episodes. Frankly, it’s just good to see these two back of television again. Playing House is not quite as good as Best Friends Forever, but given some time (and viewership), it could be.

Playing House is on Tuesdays @ 10 pm on USA

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