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Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

hr_The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_21Shrewsbury, Massachusetts- When the first installment of this new trilogy came out, I was skeptical. It seemed like Sony was doing it just to maintain the rights to Spider-Man (which it is) and not to tell the story in a new way. However, I was willing to believe that it could still be a good movie. Then that movie dashed those hopes completely to pieces. Now two years later the sequel is coming out and it looks just as bad as the previous installment, but like with the last one, it at least deserves a chance before it gets condemned.

Peter Parker is still adjusting to his role as Spider-Man, balancing crime fighting duties with his own rocky personal life. Then he runs back into his old friend Harry Osborn and the two begin to investigate the deep mysteries of their parent’s professional life. Things start to get rocky as villains like Electro, the Rhino, and The Green Goblin cram into the picture. Soon, Peter’s personal and heroic worlds are starting to clash in a dangerous manner.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not as bad as I expected it to be, but that doesn’t mean that it’s good. This installment in Sony’s new series is an improvement over the first movie, but only a slight one. The story is by the numbers, the acting bland and occasionally over the top, and the execution just blasé. The whole thing feels completely void of energy and it seems pointless.

The actors don’t even seem like they’re trying their best in the proceedings. Andrew Garfield should really be taking the part by storm, but he’s still not very interesting as Spider-Man. Emma Stone is okay as Gwen Stacy, but once again that romance isn’t as layered as it could be. Dane Dehaan tries to enter the picture as Harry Osborn, but he’s just playing his Chronicle typecast. Jamie Foxxx is probably the only one with something interesting to play as Electro, but even then it isn’t much to save this.

It just saddens me that these films are going the way they are. This was a chance for Sony to go in an intriguing direction with such an iconic character and they completely dropped the ball. Instead of doing that, they did more or less the same thing as the original trilogy, but without the heart. It doesn’t feel fun or exciting. It just feels bland and uninspired. Yes, it is still probably going to kill at the box office, but it shouldn’t.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not a good movie. It’s not the trainwreck I imagined it to be, but it’s not good. God, I just wish that these movies would go somewhere cool. I know they’re trying to set up an Avengers-like continuity with the Sinister Six, but this movie just feels like a preview for the next ones. As a result, the movie is nothing but one long, monotonous, preview. Maybe the next one will be the charm, but based on what has preceded it, it doesn’t look like it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now playing in theaters everywhere. But honestly, you’re better off seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier again.

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