5G package: Free is waiting to be launched to announce its prices

Free Mobile announces: it will be necessary to wait for the launch day of its new network to know the price of its 5G packages. The operator has already announced that it will activate its network at the end of the year. In comparison, Orange will offer its 5G to the French in some cities tomorrow.

“5G will become a reality for our subscribers in the coming weeks, always with concern about the right price,” says Thomas Reynaud, Managing Director of Iliad (parent company of Free) in Figaro. “We’ll announce the details on the launch day,” the manager continues. He adds that 5G is important “to prevent our networks from becoming saturated in the next two or three years”.

Therefore, no information is currently available on the prices of the 5G packages from Free Mobile. However, it is worth remembering that Xavier Niel briefly mentioned the subject recently. Free’s guide suggested that the price could be the same as that of 4G plans.

A 5G coverage map on Free Mobile

What about 5G coverage for free mobile? The operator will shortly publish a map to indicate where its 5G network is located. The French can get information and see whether their city has the new network. Obviously the card will evolve over the months to install new antennas.

Free Mobile will rely on multiple frequencies for its 5G network. There will be the 3.5 GHz band and others including 700 MHz. This is currently used for part of the operator’s 4G network. It has the advantage of providing better coverage and penetration of buildings. However, the throughput is lower than the 3.5 GHz band. Free Mobile received a block of 70 MHz in this band in the auction for 5G a few weeks ago.