Actor Oscar Isaac plays the superhero Moon Knight for the Disney + series

Disney + will produce a new series for the MCU Phase 4. The Moon Knight series will therefore focus on the Marvel superhero of the same name, a superhero played by actor Oscar Isaac (Star Wars, ex-Machina). The Latin American actor would therefore still have his powerful charm in a Marvel series far from being released: Moon Knight will be available exclusively on Disney + in the course of 2022. Moon Knight (Marc Spector in Civil) is originally a super trained mercenary whose strength varies depending on the moon phase. Khonsu’s vigilante group is also a master of the martial arts … who sometimes has trouble controlling his nerves.

Oscar Isaac is negotiating with Marvel about the role of super-vigilante Moon Knight

The Moon Knight series will be the very first production dedicated to this Marvel character. If Oscar Isaac is well confirmed in the role, this still very mysterious character will at least benefit from the polished and subtle play of an actor who can interpret all roles, from bittersweet comedy to action film (X-Men) through the most modern SF (Ex-Machina).

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