Amazon: a program against the waste of unsold products in France

Amazon announces that it is strengthening its anti-waste system in France. The retailer is enriching it with a new program for partner sellers who use the logistics service “Fulfilled by Amazon”. At the beginning, the collected donations go to the Red Cross and Secours Populaire.

When an affiliate seller subscribes to the Amazon Fulfilled service, the Donate option is enabled by default. Affiliate sellers do not have to pay any additional fees to participate in this program. Amazon directly supports the management of unsold inventory that is eligible for a donation. When it comes to VAT, Amazon works with charities that are VAT exempt. The start-up giant can therefore submit an annual declaration to every seller. This enables him to justify deducting VAT on his unsold donations.

“Amazon is deeply rooted and embedded in its operational territories across France,” said Frédéric Duval, CEO of Amazon France. “Thanks to this new program, we are not only helping the most disadvantaged people, but also the planet,” continues the manager. He notes that Amazon “significantly reduces the impact of unsold products while contributing to the development of the circular economy”.

In addition to this program, Amazon says it is chasing waste through its policy of revaluing surplus and unsold products. Suitable products are listed again. The group ensures that an inspection, overhaul and certification is carried out. Some products can even get the same warranty as new devices.