Amazon France is postponing Black Friday to December 4th

Amazon has decided to move its Black Friday to December 4th instead of November 27th. Frédéric Duval, the head of Amazon France, announced this a few minutes ago on the TF1 newscast.

“Today, like other distributors in France, we decided to postpone the Black Friday date by listening to government recommendations,” said the head of Amazon France. He states that he made this decision “if it is possible to reopen stores and physical stores before December 1st”. Frédéric Duval takes the opportunity to say that Amazon is ready to “serve as a support for the thousands of PSAs and SMEs who sell through us”.

The postponement to December 4th affects Amazon France … but Black Friday will still be relevant elsewhere on November 27th. The French can therefore order from Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain and others for special offers at the end of the month. For Amazon France, however, you have to wait until December 4th.

Last week, Frédéric Duval said he did not know whether Amazon France would organize Black Friday on November 27th. “At the moment I haven’t made up my mind,” said the manager on November 13th. He stressed “to be attentive to what is happening in France” as non-essential shops are closed.