Ubuntu 20.10 Beta version is available

Canonical’s next major overhaul of the Ubuntu operating system will come in late October. The first beta version was delivered at the end of September. The RC cycle starts on October 15th. How are you ?

Ubuntu 20.10 Beta: What’s New?

Don’t expect cascading changes. Version 20.10, called Groovy Gorilla (Sensational Gorilla), is a simple operating system upgrade.

The distribution is expected to be based on the Linux 5.8 kernel and, in addition to the new exFAT drivers, will better support the AMD Renoir architecture and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity (on ARM computers). Also note the possibility of identifying yourself using your fingerprint.

The GNOME 3.38 environment has many new features, including the ability to rearrange icons in the application grid and a restart button in the options. Laptops can become a WiFi hotspot with a QR code for taking photos.

Most popular applications are updated with the latest versions, including LibreOffice 7.0, Thunderbird 78 (with OpenPGP support) and Firefox 81. The browser also (finally) offers more precision when scrolling pages on Linux

The release notes are available on the Canonical website but are not yet complete.

When will Ubuntu 20.10 be released?

Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla is expected to be released on October 22, 2020. The candidate version is expected on October 15th. The distribution will be supported for 9 months until July 2021. For long term assistance (LTS), you should keep referring to Ubuntu 20.04.

Where can I find Ubuntu 20.10 Beta

It is possible to download Ubuntu 20.10 RC for free from the official distribution website in desktop (desktop) or server version only in 64-bit version. All versions are available here.