Black Friday: Amazon does not want to rob the French

Should Amazon implement Black Friday in France this year? The question can arise in its entirety. Some may view it as some kind of unfair competition. Frédéric Duval, CEO of Amazon France, responded to this issue.

“I really want there to be a Black Friday on Amazon,” said the manager of BFMTV. “It is a time when the French are saving money and preparing for Christmas. I don’t understand why we would withhold this celebration of promotion from the French, ”he said. He also says he does not see “why we would withhold this stroke of luck from French entrepreneurs and French suppliers”.

Amazon recently canceled its campaign ahead of Black Friday following complaints. It was in response to a government request. Today, Frédéric Duval says he also canceled radio advertising. “I was asked to remove radio ads early on Black Friday. I did it responsibly, ”said the head of Amazon France. It doesn’t say who “we” are here. The government again?

Black Friday takes place on November 27th of this year. It will be a day of promotions as always. But for the past few years it has been more of a Black Friday week than a specific day among traders.