Black Friday canceled or postponed? Amazon France hesitates

Amazon is still reluctant to keep Black Friday in France on the usual dates (late November). The online retailer says he has heard criticism from retailers on the matter. It has such a strike force that traders currently about to close are talking about unfair competition.

Black Friday at Amazon France

“I am attentive to what is happening,” said Frédéric Duval, General Manager of Amazon France on the RMC microphone. “So far I haven’t made up my mind. We are still 15 days away from the possible event. We have time to make decisions. The authorities speak regularly and sometimes change their mind, ”the Black Friday chairman continued.

Four associations of shops and malls in the city center called on the government on Sunday to restrict online sales to “basic needs”. They also want to ban Black Friday. Amazon is currently being accused by many closed stores of abusing the situation.

“In these somewhat difficult times, it is my job to offer all customers in the region the products they need. I want the French to save money, ”defends the leader of Amazon France. “When I see the small businesses that are closed, I am obviously heartbroken and I want to help them achieve what we call the digital transition,” he said. According to him, 30% of French retailers sell online compared to 72% of their German counterparts.

European Commission indictment against Amazon

In addition to Black Friday, the head of Amazon France responded to recent allegations by the European Commission. Brussels accuses the online retailer of violating European competition rules.

“I obviously disagree with the preliminary statements,” said Frédéric Duval. “We will do everything we can to show the European Commission that we are doing exactly the opposite of what it thinks,” he continued. He notes that the proportion of third-party companies selling on Amazon has increased from 3% in 2000 to 60% in 2019. “The growth of these companies is twice as high as that of Amazon sales,” the market leader defends.

According to him, his group represents only 1% of the distribution market in France and works with 150,000 companies in Europe. However, since the resetting, the market leader of Amazon France approves the estimates according to which sales have increased by 40-50%.