Bouygues Telecom offers unlimited internet for packages on weekends

Bouygues Telecom is introducing two new promotions for B&B packages with unlimited internet over the weekend. This type of “gift” is not common with the operator.

The first B&Y plan costs € 14.99 / month. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. During the week there is an internet quota of 80 GB and therefore unlimited internet on the weekend. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in Europe and the French overseas departments. The envelope for the Internet is 10 GB.

The second plan costs € 19.99 / month. It’s similar to the previous offer. The difference is on the Internet with a quota of 100 GB. It’s 15 GB from Europe and the overseas departments. And on weekends there is always unlimited internet.

Both plans also include Spotify Premium, which is offered for three months. Spotify Premium allows you to remove ads on Spotify and download music locally. It is also a way to select certain music on the phone and zap endlessly. Spotify Premium usually costs € 9.99 / month.

The two B & You packages with unlimited internet are now available on the Bouygues Telecom website. They are non-binding and there is no price increase after the first year. Offers are valid until November 18th.