Cédric O urges French groups to compete with Amazon

Many French people shop online during this time. This benefits several groups, especially Amazon. This, of course, upsets traders who are currently being forced to close their stores. But for Cédric O we are not allowed to boycott the American group.

“Online purchases do not only benefit Amazon,” says the Foreign Minister for Digital at BFM Business. “Amazon only accounts for 20% of e-commerce in France. There is no other European country in which the national actors resist so well, ”assured the Foreign Minister. He cites some French examples such as Veepee, Fnac and Cdiscount. “If e-commerce increases, it will mainly benefit the French,” added Cédric O.

Cédric O doesn’t really understand all of these controversies at Amazon during this time in detention. He prefers to grow the French ecosystem by helping small businesses sell online. According to the Foreign Minister, small French companies are “digitized two to three times than the Germans”. And “this is the first issue that leads them not to defend themselves against Amazon”. He also wants to “get the French champion out”.

With this in mind, Cédric O says he wants “our own Amazon, Google and Apple in Europe”. He adds, “We want companies that are as efficient as Americans”.