Cellular networks could be saturated without 5G by 2021

Nicolas Guérin, President of the French Telecommunications Association (FTT), gave an interview to Les Échos. He announces that cellular networks could be saturated in 2021 if 5G is not present. Hence the interest in making it available to as many people as possible quickly.

You need 5G to avoid saturation

“Without 5G, the networks in certain large business districts or near certain stations could be saturated in the next year,” says Nicolas Guérin. “Let me let you imagine the reaction of our fellow citizens if the quality of service were to deteriorate,” he adds.

Popular networks with refinement

In addition to 5G, Nicolas Guérin explains that Covid-19 had a remarkable impact on operator networks. For telemedicine, for example, there were 60,000 teleconsultations in 2019. In 2020 there were 500,000 in the last week of March alone. Additionally, phone usage has increased 15% since the hiring started. For 3G / 4G Internet this means an increase of 30%. On the television side, usage has increased by 20%.

The President of the Financial Transaction Tax ensures that the landlines are not saturated. During the first containment, the necessary steps were taken to make it possible to withstand re-containment. In addition, this time Netflix and other video services did not have to lower their quality in order to relieve the networks.

Effects on the use of glass fibers

The use of fiberglass also speaks about it. The President of the Financial Transaction Tax says that the pace of work was 70% lower during the first delivery. Today the situation is much better. There are still two brakes. The first concerns barrier gestures that slow production by 20 to 30%. The second is that general meetings cannot be held with joint ownership. They are the ones that enable fiber to reach buildings. “We will therefore be between six months and a year late,” said the president of the financial transaction tax.