Chaos Walking: A Science Fiction Film With Bad Thoughts (Trailer)

After years of fighting in pre / post production and the first very negative test screenings, Chaos Walking finally seems ready to penetrate the cinemas (if the Covid allows this). This science fiction film with a strong cast (Tom Holland aka Spidey, Daisy Ridley aka Rey or even Mads Mikkelsen) is the adaptation of Volume 1 of the novel by Patrick Ness. Chaos Walking reveals a world as unique as it is eerie, where all women have disappeared … or almost.

To make matters worse, an unexplained phenomenon called “noise” makes it possible to visualize everyone’s thoughts. In this rather gloomy context, Todd (Tom Holland) will meet a young woman (Daisy Ridley) who literally fell from the sky on board his spacecraft. Strange fact, the latter leaves no one suspecting a thought … note that Chaos Walking is directed by Doug Liman, to whom we owe the excellent Edge of Tomorrow. The film was set for February 3, 2021.