Chinese hackers strike with fake McAfee

According to Google, this is the same group that targeted emails from Joe Biden’s campaign staff mid-year. They are known by the little name APT 31 for “Advanced Persistent Threat”. Threats were therefore promoted and supported. A group of Chinese hackers launched a series of unsuccessful attacks under the guise of McAfee antivirus software. Aside from this obviously not protecting you, but tricking you into going through GitHub and installing malware instead to extract your information. These techniques are familiar to the regulars, but they pose a risk.

So, warn your loved ones who are less used to technology to pay close attention to their emails. Because even if Google warns the user in the event of a risk, these included messages are more and more convincing. In fact, they aren’t all easy to spot thanks to doubtful spelling or smoky promises. Note that this group of hackers use services like GitHub or DropBox, which makes tracking difficult. Attacks of this type are on the rise in the context of the US election, and Google, like its users, still needs to be extra careful.

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