Chrome extensions: Google will describe the collected data in detail

Extensions in Chrome or other browsers improve the daily experience. But can these enhancements be considered trustworthy when it comes to data collection? Google helps users precisely with the transparency of the topic.

The data collected is displayed in the Chrome Web Store, the place where you download extensions for Chrome. This allows users to get all the details before downloading an extension. If it’s too greedy in their eyes, they can try to find an alternative that is more privacy-respectful. This will happen on January 18, 2021. Developers can now provide the information to Google so they are ready to go.

What happens on January 18, 2021 if a developer hasn’t provided the information? The file with the extension in the Chrome Web Store indicates to internet users that it is out of date. As a result, users may not be interested in the download process.

In addition, Google urges developers of extensions for Chrome to only collect important data. In other words, the developer shouldn’t suck up any information that isn’t useful to the extension’s operation. In addition, they are not allowed to resell user information to third parties. They are also prohibited from using the data for targeted advertising.