CleanMyMac X: An all-in-one tool to clean, protect, and optimize your Mac

After a few years, your Mac (like any other PC) is literally full and often burdened with unnecessary files and applications, not to mention the risk of malware. Lots of software tools make it possible to sort out all of this clutter, but rare are the utilities that get the run of three i.e. cleaning, protecting and optimizing the machine. CleanMyMac is one of them.

CleanMyMac: An all-in-one tool

It is clear that CleanMyMac does indeed bear its name very badly, as this software goes beyond its primary function as “cleaner” of hard drives and operating systems. Version X of the application, which was released just a few months ago, combines many of the features that have emerged from the updates. Thus, CleanMyMac X is still an effective protection software against malware and other malware of all kinds today. With this complete utility you can also organize and optimize the large amount of files on your computer.

The strength of the tool is that CleanMyMac can do all of these tasks in one go (and a click of a button) or even at the user’s choice by starting the desired function (cleaning, protection or performance) separately).

Clean up your Mac

The cleanup feature cleans up Mac of any unnecessary or unused files. This optimization of the available storage space affects the system (deleting “damaged” or temporary files), photos (saving storage space), the recycle bin (emptying the recycle bin with the option of forcing it to empty it), attachments (removing attachments from the mail App) as iTunes (removal of partial downloads and old backups).

Protect your Mac

The protection function searches the system for files and harmful software (malware, spyware, adware, worms, miners). The other side of this function increases the confidentiality of user data (deleting cookies, cleaning up browser / download histories, etc.).

Optimize your Mac

Last but not least, the performance function optimizes the management of the many background tasks that are running on your Mac. It is also possible to free up RAM, repair hard drives or even start maintenance scripts (among other things). A really little system administrator … Another strong point of this performance section is the uninstaller. As the name suggests, the latter cleanly uninstalls the software, the attached files or the various extensions (especially plug-ins). Also, let’s not forget about the Telescope Tool, which is a quick way to find out the size of files and applications on your Mac.

This simple overview of the main functions of CleanMyMac shows the abundance of functions offered. However, this is never at the expense of usability. The various analyzes, optimizations and other functions are started very easily via a clear menu that you can quickly learn to master. In the end, we have an all-in-one tool that quickly becomes an indispensable part of anything to wear out a little planning. Enough to justify the few tens of dollars that were charged for the full version of CleanMyMac.