[Coup de gueule] PS5 and PSVR: When Sony pokes fun at gamers who are mostly into VR

Jim Ryan said it: We have to be patient to get our hands on the PlayStation VR 2 and new generations of PS Move. Sony won’t say anything about VR in 2020 (which won’t surprise anyone) and won’t be more elaborate in 2021. As for 2022, nothing is certain. The Japanese manufacturer could at least have confirmed that the PSVR 2 was good in the tubes; not even. That extreme caution, the moment Facebook hits the accelerator with the Oculus Quest (both autonomous and PCVR compatible), and even though the PSVR catalog is now on the verge of anemia, this already has a lot to irritate whoever bought it a PS4 / Pro for the PSVR. This is my case, and I can’t “fade” from the PS Move this late on the Oculus controllers now.

But the painful doesn’t end there. In addition to Sony’s lack of clear motivation – the PSVR 2 is on its way to being more of a marketing argument than a commercial one, none of the headlines planned for 2021-2022 will hit the PSVR 2 – Sony is literally sacrificing the current PSVR for better promote his hypothetical PSVR2. So we learned a few hours ago that Hitman 3 or No Man’s Sky, two of the titles that are fully optimized for the PS5 (via a patch for NMS), are only playable in VR in their downwardly compatible PS4 version /. PSVR!

It’s very nice, but PSVR players won’t enjoy it

Imagine as early as November 19th: you ordered a PS5, received the free adapter for the PS4 camera (and thus for the PSVR) and downloaded NMS with its wonderful PS5-optimized update. You put in the PSVR connected to the PS5, start No Man’s Sky and there … you see no difference to the PS4 version! The graphics are still so blurry and sloppy, the pop-in aggressive and for good reason: only the PS4 version runs in the helmet, in addition to easy compatibility with the PS4 DualShock. ALSO end the haptic feedback planned for the Dual Sense in VR. This also applies to Hitman 3 PS5 or Star Wars Squadrons “PS5 Otimized”, which only run in VR in their backward-compatible PS4 version.

To put it more clearly, the PS5 is NOT currently used for PSVR fans and it is certain that any “PSVR Compatible” games that have been upgraded to the optimized PS5 will not offer any enhancement to the headset. : No better frame rate, no improved assets or HD textures, no compatibility with Dual Sense possible, NOTHING. However, technically it is difficult to see what might be blocking it. So Sony has planned a sudden break between the PSVR and PSVR2 with no need for an interim solution in the meantime to justify the big leap to the next accessory.

It’s a more than risky bet: with no graphics improvements for two years, no PS Move 2 (which could be released before PSVR2), and almost no new games, it’s a safe bet that many disgusted PSVR gamers will make, then I’ll be different Turn to solutions, e.g. B. the PCVR or the Oculus Quest. This is already my case, and it’s also the main reason I didn’t pick up the PS5 when it was released and that I probably won’t be taking it until 2022 (and again there will be the Oculus Quest 3 or 4 across from Quest too this time …). Pulling too much on the rope …