Covid-19: According to Microsoft, Russian and North Korean hackers target researchers

According to Microsoft, hackers working for Russia and North Korea are attacking researchers and organizations working on research related to Covid-19. This affects more than half a dozen organizations around the world involved in research into treatments and vaccines.

Microsoft explains that Russian hackers are called Fancy Bear / APT28. On the North Korean side, the hackers are called zinc and cerium. They tried to break into the networks of seven pharmaceutical laboratories and research institutes. These are located in France, Canada, the USA, India and South Korea.

The break-in attempts failed in most cases, but some were successful, adds Microsoft. The Redmond company unfortunately only provides a few details about these attacks and declined to name the target organizations.

Russia is often accused of being responsible for major cyber attacks. The country is still denying and has done so again to intervene in organizations working on research related to Covid-19. North Korea, for its part, did not comment. However, the country has also denied being the perpetrator of previous cyber attacks.