Covid-19: Tracking apps are connected to one another in Europe

The tracking applications of Germany, Ireland and Italy for the Covid-19 are now linked. The European Commission announced that 20 European countries should be affected over time.

The first connections, Corona-Warn-App (Germany), COVID-Tracker (in Ireland) and Immuni (in Italy), were downloaded by around 30 million people, which is two-thirds of the downloads of tracking apps in the European Union according to data of the European executive. A second group of apps will be connected next week: apps from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia and Spain, with more in November.

The system allows applications to work across borders and users can only install one application. “Free movement is an essential part of the internal market. The footbridge makes it easier and helps to save lives, ”stressed EU Interior Commissioner Thierry Breton. The data exchange with the gateway server is reduced to a minimum and, according to the commission, the information is “pseudonymised, encrypted and limited”.

Green: land with a related application; green: countries that support add support to be linked; pink: Incompatible countries that should be connected with each other

And France? Do not think about it. In fact, StopCovid (which will become Tous Anti-Covid) doesn’t use Apple and Google’s API. In other words, StopCovid is based on an internal solution which is a central protocol. Besides France, there is Hungary, which uses a house system.