Cyber ​​attack: Capcom’s future projects revealed by hackers

On November 2nd, the Capcom studio was victim of a cyber attack. The Ragnar Locker hacking group managed to gain access to the personal information of a small dozen employees, and one would think that is where the matter would end. Yes, but here it is, this data theft was accompanied by encrypted ransomware. The pirates did not hesitate to show blackmail: Capcom had to pay Locker $ 11 million or some of its game projects would be released.

Capcom didn’t give in for good … so much so that the hackers took action: Several “secret” documents were released that would still make up a very small fraction of the 1TB of pirated content. We now know that Monster Hunter Rise won’t remain an exclusive switch and should be released on PC in a few months. The same goes for Monster Hunter Stories 2. What’s even more surprising is that a VR adaptation of Resident Evil 4 is planned for the platform … Oculus (likely Quest). And the PSVR in all of that?

Other revelations as well, an RE in the form of Battle Royale (it’s in vogue), and a title Switch that is still “secret” and codenamed Guillotine. The big leak also shows the financial background of some deals: Thus, the PSVR exclusivity from RE VII Sony would have cost 5 million dollars. All the same…

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