Cyber ​​crime: A huge pirate network was dismantled in Europe and the head of the network was arrested

A dozen countries grouped under Eurojust have just made a good catch by dismantling a huge pirate network that covers several European countries (Italy, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Malta and the Netherlands). . This large-scale operation was carried out by the Italian authorities and no fewer than 700 police officers were mobilized. 5,500 computers were confiscated, machines used as storage servers for pirate streaming content. In addition, the head of the network is said to have been arrested in Italy.

Eurojust has just made its biggest catch

The dismantling of the pirate organization ends an underground and above all very lucrative business. The massive resale of these pirated copies (to other pirate locations) would indeed have generated “sales” of 10.7 million euros. However, this figure remains well below the beneficiaries’ loss of earnings. The loss of income is estimated at tens of millions of euros.