Demon’s Soul (PS5): Dozens of video tutorials to help the player

Demon’s Souls is a tough game, very tough, and many of those who dream of the shimmering graphics of the PS5 remaster from Bluepoint Games may not yet know that they will have a hard time getting past the first boss. But Sony has thought of everything: Demon’s Soul PS5 will include a game aid in the form of 180 video instructions. This built-in “support” is indeed one of the new features of the PS5, and it must be recognized that Demon’s Soul is undoubtedly the ideal client to demonstrate this.

Player aids can be displayed in an overlay or in a margin on the left of the screen. The player can therefore consult these “tips and tricks” while continuing his game. One may wonder, however, if these built-in guides won’t destroy the main interest of games based on Die and Retry. After all, the satisfaction that can be felt after defeating a Demon Soul boss is largely proportional to the severity of the previous fight.

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