Dexter: Season 9 will close the series in style

So Dexter will be back for a 9th season … but there won’t be a 10th season. Showrunner Clyde Philips has actually confirmed that season 9 would actually be a “second finale” just to forget the rather cold reception reserved for Season 8 Final Episodes: “What happened in the first eight years , happened in the first eight years. 10 years or however many years have passed before this show airs and the show will reflect that passage of time. […] It’s a great opportunity to write a second finale for our show and Showtime got it very well. “”

In other words, Season 9 will stretch past the end of Season 8, which means Dexter is not ending his serial killer career as a dry lumberjack at an Alaskan sawmill! The season 9 announcement definitely electrified Dexter fans. The latter was unlocked on the forums and was a reminder of the numerous possible script tracks (the return of Debra in the form of a ghost, the imprisonment or death of Dexter at the end of season 9, etc.). Dexter is really back!

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