Disney +: 73.7 million subscribers a year after its launch

Disney + launched a year ago and has 73.7 million paying subscribers on its first anniversary. They were 60.5 million in August. Disney’s streaming service has therefore gained 13.2 million subscribers within a quarter.

When it launched in November 2019, Disney + aimed to have between 60 and 90 million subscribers by 2024. The goal was achieved within a year. It’s worth noting, however, that many subscribers in the US are getting Disney + “for free” thanks to Verizon. The operator offers its customers access to the streaming service for one year. In view of the fact that the offered year ends exactly in this month for the customers in question, it will be interesting to see the next numbers.

In France, Disney is included in certain Canal offers. Some offers only offer to let Disney + sell for a year, like what can be found at Verizon in the US.

Despite the success of Disney +, Disney’s financial results are falling

In addition to Disney +, Disney announced that its July-September revenue fell 23% to $ 14.71 billion. Mickey’s group recorded a net loss of $ 710 million from Covid-19. In particular, the health crisis has resulted in amusement parks closing.

Still, after trading on the exchange, the action is up 3.29% to $ 139.98. Analysts expect a deterioration (especially in terms of sales).