Disney + is available from Orange with live boxes

Disney + is now available to Livebox customers via the Orange TV decoder. It’s available on Channel 68. The incumbent operator is thus the first operator to offer the Disney streaming service (without going through Canal +).

Disney + currently has two restrictions for Orange customers with a Livebox. The first is that it is only possible to subscribe from the decoder. The price is € 6.99 / month and the annual offer of € 69.99 does not exist here. Those who already have an account will not be able to enter their credentials.

The second problem is that Disney + is not fully available today at Orange with the Livebox. In fact, the operator says it currently has “a limited number of Disney movies and series on Channel 68”. We’ll have to wait to get the full Disney + experience. So it’s an amazing start.

Besides Disney +, what about Orange with SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free?

Not everyone has a connected TV at home. These people would love to enjoy Disney + on the big screen, but they can’t do it the way it is. You can now access Disney + at Orange with the Livebox, but what about SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free? The three operators are currently not communicating on this issue. We can imagine that there are discussions going on behind the scenes. One catchphrase: patience.