Donald Trump could be banned from Twitter if defeated

Donald Trump has the right to special treatment on Twitter. The social network does not ban his account as President of the United States, although some tweets do not comply with the rules. But Twitter could ban him if he loses the US presidential election.

Twitter already reported several tweets from Donald Trump during the vote count this week. The current President of the United States has disclosed information that is believed to be inaccurate. An accumulation of such tweets should result in an account suspension for an “average” user. However, this is not the case with the White House tenant.

As Bloomberg explains, Twitter will treat Donald Trump like a “normal” user in January 2021, when Joe Biden becomes the new President of the United States. And from that moment on, the social network can ban Donald Trump if he thinks his tweets don’t respect the terms of use.

You should know that this rule applies to all past presidents. Barack Obama, for example, is also seen as an “average” user in the eyes of Twitter. His account can be blocked at any time if he gives false information, campaigns for terrorism and much more. So far, Donald Trump’s predecessor has performed well on the social network.