Expedia,, Booking: The data of millions of customers with free access

Prestige Software, the reservation provider for sites like, and Expedia, has done its job badly by making the data of millions of customers freely available on the Internet. Website Planet discovered over 10 million pieces of data weighing 24.4 GB.

There is a lot of customer data. There are names, email addresses, national ID numbers, and phone numbers. We can also find the full details of the bank cards and the total cost of the reservations. There are even details about the reservations, such as ID, length of stay, price, number of people, names of guests and much more.

All of this data was stored on an Amazon server. The fault is not Amazon, but Prestige Software that made the wrong configuration. Access should have had some security (like a password), but it wasn’t. Therefore everyone can access the data. These are from 2013. However, we do not know when the server was open access.

Of course, it is wise to be careful, especially if you’ve made a reservation with,, or Expedia in the past few years. Hackers could possibly access the data and restore everything.