Firefox 83 is available: the list of new features

Mozilla now offers Firefox 83 in its stable version. The program includes several new features. This version is now available for download on all media.

The first change will be felt with Firefox 83 from the very first moments. The update improves overall performance. Mozilla speaks of a profit of up to 15% when switching pages. This is up to a 12% gain in site responsiveness. The RAM consumption has decreased by 8%.

HTTPS mode only with Firefox 83

Firefox 83 also adds an “HTTPS Only Mode” which tries to establish an HTTPS connection on the sites. The idea is similar to what the HTTPS Everywhere extension offers. If an HTTP site fails to switch to HTTPS, the browser displays a warning. The user must choose whether to continue or return. To enable this mode, go to Firefox Preferences, select the “Privacy and Security” section and scroll down.

Additionally, Firefox 83 now lets you zoom in on pages with your fingers on Windows Touch devices. It also works on Macs with the trackpad. On the other hand, the Picture-in-Picture function now supports keyboard shortcuts.

Mozilla also announces that Firefox 83 will improve the functionality and design for all searches. The browser also supports AcroForm. This allows you to fill out, print and save PDF forms. The PDF file reader changes the design. Finally, WebRender is available to more users on Windows 7/8 and macOS 10.12 through macOS 10.15.