Fleet: Twitter starts short-lived tweets with stories

Twitter announces fleet availability to all users around the world. These are ephemeral tweets in the form of stories. The fleets are above the timeline. This is reminiscent of the format of stories on Instagram.

Like stories on Instagram and Snapchat, fleets have a lifespan of 24 hours. After this time, these tweets automatically disappear from the social network without the user having to intervene. In addition, no interaction with the fleets is possible. You cannot retweet, like, or post a public comment. However, it is possible to send a private message to the author.

To continue the tradition, the fleets do not appear in search or Twitter moments. And websites can’t embed them in an article. All of the promotions listed here are only available with a “normal” tweet.

Twitter hopes that by adding fleeting tweets, users will be more comfortable exchanging thoughts and opinions without the pressure of retweets and the like. In countries where fleets have been tested, Twitter indicates that users talk more on social networks and are more open to sharing their thoughts.

How do I create fleets on Twitter?

You’ll need to select your photo in the new banner above your timeline. Then comes the moment when you enter text and / or add a picture. Once that’s done, validate and the fleet will be published for 24 hours.

The thing that you didn’t tweet, but wanted, but didn’t get that close, was then close.

We now have a place for it – fleets!

Available to everyone starting today.

– Twitter (@Twitter) November 17, 2020