For Xavier Niel, “5G shouldn’t scare the French”

5G is being rolled out in France very soon while some have concerns. For Xavier Niel, 5G shouldn’t be an issue that, on the contrary, scares the French.

“5G shouldn’t be scary. This is a great opportunity to build a more sober and efficient society with improved city management, ”Xavier Niel told the National Assembly’s Economic Committee. The boss of Free believes that “it would be a shame in France to have the best landlines with the fastest fiber optic offers in Europe and to be the last European in the cellular sector by rejecting the 5G market”.

According to Xavier Niel, the image of a good France in telecommunications could be lost across borders. We could lose “some of our attractiveness” if the country had “become a prime investor destination”. He stressed the issue and said that “it is extremely important not to lose points on issues like 5G”.

Xavier Niel confirms talks with Orange for 5G

Xavier Niel continued to confirm the negotiations between Orange and Free about sharing 5G networks. According to the Führer, this would particularly affect relatively sparsely populated areas. “Pooling is important for making investments, limiting the environmental impact of deployment and expediting rural coverage,” he said.

Xavier Niel also spoke about the subsidy model for phones with a plan. He calls for this practice to be banned or at least for the operator to be more transparent. Why ? Because it is “opaque” and “environmentally harmful” to subscribers. He points out that the goal of such measures would extend the useful life of smartphones. To date, smartphones account for around 70% of the environmental impact of digital technology in France.