Free updates its Freebox with bug fixes

Free announces the availability of update 4.2.6 for Freebox Revolution, 4K mini, One, Delta and Pop. It corrects some bugs that users have encountered recently. According to Free, version 4.2.6 has been online for a few hours now. It is immediately available to all subscribers of the operator.

According to Free, the compatibility of SFP + with the various Freeboxes currently available has been improved. We also find the correction of the following errors:

Management of incoming DTMF signals OpenVPN server “equal to” characters in the password not supported Problem with saving the display setting when changing the IPv4 address of the Freebox server, the DNS server is not changed automatically, an additional day was counted in holiday management (child safety )

As always, just restart your Freebox server to apply the update manually. To do this, you have to disconnect and reconnect the Freebox. Otherwise you can do this via the Freebox interface at Another method is simply to wait. Indeed, the Freebox will automatically apply the update for the next few days or weeks. However, if you want to make the corrections without waiting, restart your box yourself.

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