Freebox Pop: Free apologizes for the television failure

Subscribers with a Freebox Pop had a major television bug a few days ago. An error message was displayed on OQEE, Free’s TV interface, on the new box. Today the ISP apologizes.

In an email to its customers (via Univers Freebox), Free states the following:

You may have noticed a technical malfunction in your TV channels (except for replay and VOD services) on the OQEE TV interface of your Freebox.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

We inform you that our technical teams have taken all necessary measures to prevent this malfunction from occurring again.

Our teams remain mobilized to offer you the best possible TV experience. Improvements for the OQEE application are planned shortly.

Free has decided to give its subscribers a gift with a Freebox Pop. You can see the film # JeSuisLà with Alain Chabat for free. The display takes place via the FilmoTV platform.

For this purpose, subscribers with a Freebox Pop must start the FilmoTV application via the VOD area. You then have to search for # JeSuisLà and click on “Rent”. At this point, you will need to enter your free purchase code to confirm the order and have the movie for free. This code is available in the subscribers’ area in the Watch TV> View my TV codes section.

The error when the television fails with the Freebox Pop

If you don’t have a Freebox Pop, the error looks like this. Customers could only wait. This was not ideal as the failure occurred at the beginning of containment. One fallback was going through an app like Molotov.

#FreeboxPOP obviously you’re not at the top
The networks hold up, but there is a problem with the quota or the license @ Freebox

– Richard (@ Klimero94) October 30, 2020