Galaxy S21: An Earlier Start To Hurt Huawei

Samsung will market its Galaxy S21 in January rather than February or March. The manufacturer generally chooses the second or third month of the year to launch its new high-end smartphones. But the situation will change in 2021 because of Huawei.

According to Reuters, Samsung wants to draw faster in 2021 to hurt Huawei. The latter is struggling with American restrictions imposed by the Trump administration. For example, he can no longer work with American groups. Samsung would like to take this opportunity to launch its Galaxy S21 earlier to attract potential Huawei fan customers. Some doubt their next phone: should they take a Huawei model? Or choose another brand?

Given the American restrictions, Huawei has a large inventory of components. According to Reuters, this stock is expected to run out by early 2021. One more reason for Samsung to launch its Galaxy S21 earlier.

But Samsung is far from the big winner. Indeed, the various Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo are taking advantage of Huawei’s problems with their own sales. In addition, Samsung will offer high prices with its Galaxy S21. Does the general public really want to invest almost 1,000 euros during this period? Answer early 2021.