Gastronogeek 2, The Return: THE cookbook for geeks not to be missed on Halloween

Without a doubt, food is one of the most important pillars of French culture! And now even most beret-baguette-connoisseur freaks have the right to their own cookbook. After a fantastic Gastronogeek full of super-referenced recipes, followed by two Gastronogeeks especially for the cult and cartoon series, here is Gastronogeek 2, Le Retour! This cookbook remains as inventive and well presented as ever. La Morbide Sally Soup (a spinach Roquefort soup) refers to the world of Mr. Jacks Strange Noel, La Tourte Frey delves into the medieval and rustic world of Game of Thrones, while Le Petit Cake (a Twinkie) undoubtedly becomes be the favorite snack of the Ghostbusters apprentices. This list is of course far from complete (42 recipes are offered in the book).

The recipes featured are – as always – fairly easy to make, but the dressing is really aimed at. Obviously the presentation of the dish is important when it comes to creating a geek universe in particular. Gastronogeek 2, Le Retour is available on Amazon for 25 euros.

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