Google: a fine in Turkey for abuse of a dominant position

Turkey fined Google 196.7 million Turkish lira (or 21.78 million euros). The country accuses the tech giant of abusing a dominant position in research.

The Turkish Competition Council believes that Google makes websites and businesses more difficult because of their income. For the Turkish Council, the search engine highlights websites that are likely to generate advertising revenue. The Turkish authority states that Google should ensure “active competition in the market” by taking corrective action within six months. Google must submit compliance measures and annual reports for five years.

The move comes as European and American regulators have also targeted Google’s dominance. Research is one of the markets in which Mountain View has been accused of abusing a dominant position with its practices.

Google has not made a public comment following Turkey’s fine for abuse of dominance in search.

Note that Turkey appears to be targeting tech companies right now. The country recently fined 10 million Turkish lira (nearly a million euros) on social media. You have failed to comply with a law that has been in force since October. This consists in having a representative in Turkey and obeying the courts that require the removal of certain content within 48 hours.

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