Google Chrome 87 is available: the list of new features

Shortly after Mozilla’s Firefox 83, Google released the stable version of Chrome 87 with new features. The group promises significant performance improvements for their internet browser.

Chrome 87 improves performance

According to Google, priority is given to active tabs with Chrome 87. According to Google, this reduces the CPU usage by five. The group is also ensuring that laptops now have an additional 1 hour and 25 minutes of battery life. Why ? Because optimizations have been implemented to reduce energy consumption.

According to Google, Chrome 87 still starts 25% faster than before. The browser also shows a 7% gain in page loading. And the icing on the cake: All of this can be done while using less power and RAM.

Further innovations on the program

Chrome 87 also brings changes in the way tabs are managed. The browser adds an option that allows you to look for a tab among the open ones. This works even if the tab is open in another window. It’s available first on Chromebooks, and later on other media.

Another novelty concerns the URL bar. It becomes possible to enter commands to carry out certain actions. For example, “Clear History” clears browsing history. Google says this novelty will be made available for Chrome 87.

Finally, Chrome adds a map system on the new tab. This will regroup the websites you have visited by topic, which may interest you again. In his example, Google displays recipe pages.

Chrome 87 can now be downloaded from The update can be obtained under Windows, MacOS and Linux. It’s also available for iOS and Android. For example, on Android, when you return to the previous page, the loading of pages becomes instant (or almost).