Google Stadia: AV1 video codec coming soon

Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming service, will support the AV1 video codec in the future. This will reduce data consumption, which should help players with a small connection. At the same time, Google could improve the visual quality.

Google is already familiar with the AV1 video codec. He currently uses it on YouTube, Chrome, Android, and Google Duo. It’ll be on Stadia, Google Meet, Google Photos, and Google TV soon. AV1 follows the VP9 codec with better compression. On Duo, Google claims that the experience with the AV1 is 30% better for those with a small internet connection.

An exact date for the arrival of the AV1 in Stadia has not yet been announced by Google. The group just says it’s coming soon.

Right now we don’t know whether the AV1 will completely replace the VP9 or stand by it. For example, in Google Duo, Google uses both. That could happen for stadiums too. It is possible that the VP9 is the default video codec for people with a good connection and the AV1 codec is the one for small connections. We’ll have to wait to learn more from Google on the matter.