Google Stadia implements family game sharing

Google announces that Stadia is now supporting family sharing. You can share any game in your library with up to six other people. This includes games purchased and offered with Stadia Pro membership.

As Google explains:

Stadia players who are part of a Google family group can share games with other group members. Any group member who creates a Stadia account can play a game together, even if they have not purchased or activated it in their own account.

You don’t need an active Stadia Pro subscription to share games or play games together. However, if you share a game that you unlocked with your Stadia Pro membership and it expires, the game will no longer be shared with your family group.

To create a family group, you must go through the Stadia site or service application. Once this is done, it is possible to add or remove members from the group. It is also possible to turn off family sharing for some games.

Regarding the members of the group, they see the mention “Shared by the family” under the title of the games. Just pick one and select “Play” to start a game. Important point: multiple group members cannot play the same game at the same time.

Google warns that it will introduce family game sharing. Some players have to wait a few days to benefit from it.