Halo Infinite: The ex-director of the project will definitely be fired

Chris Lee was director of the Halo Infinite project at 343 Industries a few months ago. The many criticisms that followed the presentation of the game during the first Xbox Showcase led to several difficult decisions: Chris Lee was replaced by Joe Staten in the solo part of the title, while the executive producer of the license, Pierre Hintze, took on the development of the Multiplayer mode. Xbox sanction, fatigue? Still, Chris Lee just announced on the Bloomberg website that he is no longer part of the Halo team, which confirms the information that has been widely circulated for several weeks.

The media “drama” associated with this departure seems to be largely “forced” under the given circumstances. It’s certainly always open to comment on the Halo Infinite booth, but it’s certainly not the long-planned departure of a 343 Industries executive that enables an informed opinion to be formed. Has Microsoft finally managed to tackle Halo Infinite’s chaotic development? The arrival of Staten and Hintze as well as the technical support from two other development studios at least indicate that a lot has been put on the table. The release of Halo Infinite on Xbox One / Series X and Series S is planned for next year.

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