Honda aims to be the pioneer of the 100% autonomous (and driverless) car

Tesla’s AutoPilot system is impressive in many ways. Some videos even show Tesla Model X or Y driving unmanned on the track or reaching a parking lot. However, these are exclusively test and demo phases. Legislation obliges pilots to observe the road and to keep their hands in flight, even in a semi-autonomous driving sequence (also in “Full Self Driving” mode). Tesla).

Looking to go further, Honda dreams of becoming the first automaker to certify level 3 autopilot systems. What does that mean? If level 2 corresponds to a Tesla (hands on the steering wheel), the level 3 certificate means that the autonomous vehicle is so reliable that the driver is no longer obliged to keep his hands on the steering wheel or to watch the road!

What’s even stronger is that Japan’s Department of Transportation is not hostile to the prospect of 100% autonomous vehicles, and even believes it could provide a transportation solution for the elderly. The only restriction that is provided: Obligation of the vehicle owner with Certificate 3 to display a sticker indicating that the vehicle is in a “fully automatic” pilot phase.