Huawei can order 4G chips from Qualcomm (but not 5G)

Is this the beginning of a relaxation of the American embargo? Still, Qualcomm has received a special license to offer Huawei mobile processors. The Chinese giant can only order 4G chips, but that would allow it to resume production of entry-level and mid-range smartphones.

However, Huawei has built a brand image outside of China based largely on the sale of high-end models, models that must be 5G today. Huawei is also unable to manufacture its own 5G Kirin chips that contain technology of American origin. The stocks of Kirin 990 should also be exhausted early next year, which Huawei will de facto put on a wall for the production of its high-end smartphones. Will Biden’s choice be a game changer? Huawei must hope so …

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