Hyundai is trying to buy Boston Dynamics for $ 1 billion

Boston Dynamics goes from hand to hand. Boston Dynamics was founded by the renowned MIT and acquired by Google in 2013 and sold to SoftBank in 2017. Almost three years later, the US-based robotics company is once again the focus of buyout discussions. For example, the automaker Hyundai would have put a $ 1 billion takeover proposal on the table. If we want to believe the Bloomberg location, negotiations are raging and nothing has been signed yet.

The Mini Spot has been on sale for a few months

Boston Dynamics robots are among the most advanced of all time. The humanoid robot Atlas or the robot dog Spot impress with each of their appearances. The fact remains that the startup is still struggling to find a viable economic model. The spot robot has been on sale (for professional clients) as of this year, but clients don’t seem rushing to the gates. The future is very beautiful, but it must also be useful for something. The expertise of Hyundai (one of the industrial robot giants) will potentially enable Boston Dynamics to find a viable and long-term market …

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