Intel could bet on TSMC for its next chips … if they agree

Is it finally waking up time for Intel? With the announcement of the Mac M1 and the release of the first explosive banks, the Santa Clara company would look for partners to improve the finesse of their engraving. According to CNET, this could bring Intel closer to TSMC, which is nothing but the founder of the Ax chips for the iPhone. The aim is to get to 5 nm quickly. Keep in mind that Intel is already struggling to go down to 10 nm today as the next generation SoC Rocket Lake continues to be produced in 14 nm.

The American giant would therefore be interested in a long-term partnership this time and not just in logistical support for the production of current chips, as older rumors confirmed. However, analyst Linley Gwennap believes TSMC has a good chance of rejecting this deal as he fears Intel will break the deal once it hits 5nm. For Kevin Krewell from Tirias Research, Intel is initially directly threatened by AMD and its SoCs under Zen 3 architecture.

Suffice it to say that the founder has to react quickly if he joins the technological cemetery of elephants, which thought they were far too big to die, more or less at short notice. Nokia and Blackberry know something about it….