Joe Biden’s election: NASA chief Jim Bridenstine announces that he will be leaving his post soon

The pressure was probably too great. Current NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, personally appointed by Donald Trump under stormy conditions, has just announced his resignation as soon as Joe Biden is in the White House: “Someone close to the President of the United States , someone who has the trust of administrations, including the Bureau of Administration and Budget, the National Space Council and the National Security Council. I think I’m not the right person for this in a new administration. […] It was by far the best experience of my life and I am very grateful. But I am not mistaken: there are many people who are able to fulfill the role of NASA’s administrator. “

When Jim Bridenstine was named a NASA administrator in 2017, he was misleadingly labeled: Climate Skeptic and Ultra Conservative, that Republican elected official from Oklahoma seemed fit for the job, and a cat is made for water. And yet, Bridenstine won’t stop proving that he’s the right man for the job by first denying climate skeptics and then again setting very ambitious goals for NASA. The plan to recapture the moon from an astronaut (and of course an American) is it, the agreements with SpaceX about future launch vehicles, it is again.

Better still, Bridenstine managed to convince hot-headed Trump to extend NASA’s operating budget to the point that the space agency will ultimately receive more money in the Trump era than it did in the Obama era! Bridenstine is efficient and unpredictable in a good sense and wants to turn the Trump era upside down as well. But who says Biden will accept his resignation?