[Keynote] 13-inch MacBook Pro M1: a real monster of power and autonomy

The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro M1 seems to be the real game changer in today’s announcements. 2.8 times more powerful than the current 13-inch MacBook Pro thanks to its M1 chip (which frankly seems hard to believe), 5 times faster in the graphics area and 11 times faster in processing in terms of AI (neural Engine) The MacBook Pro M1 can manage a Pro Display XDR screen in 6K!

The machine also has a phenomenal autonomy tank. The bike will last 20 hours of continuous use, or even 17 hours in a row while surfing, or 20 hours in video playback! This real marathon runner also has a retina display (P3), up to 16 GB RAM and 2 TB storage in SSD, an improved front camera, a cooling system, a safe enclave and of course the combination of Magic Keyboard and Touch Bar. Let’s not forget Touch ID and support for Wi-Fi 6 connections.

Apple announces that the icing on the cake on the SoC, the audio input / output, is studio quality, which should delight musicians (many on Macs) or discerning Youtubers. There are also two conventional USB 4 / Thunderbolt ports. The MacBook Pro M1 will be available in the US from $ 1299 or in France from 1449 euros.