[Keynote] MacBook Air M1: ultra-thin, extremely autonomous and powerful

It’s finally here. The first Mac with an M1 processor is therefore a MacBook Air. As thin as the current MBA, the MacBook Air “M1” is 3.5 times more powerful than its predecessor (5 times more graphics). The other advantage of the M1 chip is, of course, its autonomy, and in that respect the MacBook Air Vintage 2020 doesn’t disappoint. The Ultra Portable runs for 18 hours! As if those resources weren’t enough, this MBA can also be equipped with a 2 TB SSD drive and 16 GB RAM.

The 13.3-inch retina screen (P3 color standard), the secure enclave, the Touch ID area and the greatly improved camera complete the technical data sheet and make this MacBook Air a real ultra-portable bomb on macOS Big Sur for sure ! The device can read both iPhone and iPad apps, and Apple announces complete silence. In addition, there is a USB 4 and Thunderbolt port, and the mass is given. The first price for the MacBook Air “M1” is 1,129 euros.